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3 Apr 2018

A Complete Phacoemulsification

The phacoemulsification procedure has evolved over many years since its inception by Dr Charles Kelman in the late 1960's.  Prior to this small-incision, ultrasonic technology to remove cataracts, a much larger 160 degree wound would be needed to manually express the cataract out of the eye.  This also required 6 or so sutures, with the vision distorted for months until the sutures were removed.  Nowadays the procedure is performed as day surgery under local anaesthetic with sedation, with rapid recovery of vision over the first week.  Although the procedure is very efficient, it is by no means simple, requiring many complex and delicate steps, often occurring simultaneously.  Beginning surgeons require numerous hours of training and around 200+ cases before becoming proficient in the technque.  The Phacoemuslficiation Course is a step towards obtaining that level of expertise, making the journey for surgeon and patients more readily achievable.