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Ophthalmology Case Reports

This aspect of surgery is often overlooked by the ophthalmologist, but is of vital importance to the overall well-being of the patient and determines surgical outcomes.  Communication of critical

About IOP

The International Ophthalmology Portal is an online web-based teaching site established to deliver high quality lectures on a wide range of Ophthalmic conditions.  Experts renown in their respective fields are being invited to contribute lectures on topic/s they are passionate to present and share their invaluable knowledge.  This distilled information comes after years of experience and cannot be found in textbooks.  The purpose of the shorter lecture format is to concentrate the information delivered to maximise the experience of the viewer.  We hope you learn and are enlightened by this portal of knowledge that will continue to evolve over time.


Under the topic of “Glaucoma"  there is a wide range of in-depth topics  from glaucoma history-taking, examination with the slit-lamp and gonioscopy, therapeutics of eyedrops, selective laser trabeculoplasty, laser cycloablation and surgical management utilising trabeculectomy, drainage devices and micro-invasive glaucoma shunts.

The “Consultant  Survival Skills” section is aimed at practising Ophthalmologists and trainees going into practice.  Essential skills include managing stress, prevention of burnout, on-call and strategies in caring for challenging patients. 

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